• Kindergarten
    PreSchool and PreK Summer Camp
    School-Age Summer
  • Oakwood Baptist Church
Summer Camp
Summer Camp Activities Calendar
What We Do
  • Daily activities include:
    • Art Projects
    • Outside Group Games
    • Quiet Activities Time
    • Inside Group Games
    • Bible Lessons
  • Special activities that occur throughout the summer include:
    • SPLASH days
    • Bike, Blade, and Scooter days
    • Paint and Create Day
    • Just Dance days
    • Picnics
    • Movie days
    • Field trips
Past Field Trips
Lake Tobias
Adventure Park
Oakes Museum
Trindle Bowl
Philly Pretzel Factory
Oregon Dairy
Turkey Hill Experience
Land of Little Horses
Lancaster Science Factory
Dutch Apple Theatre
Sports Emporium
Indian Echo Caverns

...and many more