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School Tuition
Tuition for 2023-2024

 Tuition Schedule
Tuition is payable in advance on the first day of the week that your child attends.
Our tuition is based on the whole school year, and is divided by the number of weeks in the period (usually 40 weeks for the school semester, and 12 for summer).  Therefore, payment is made regardless of illness, vacations, or holidays.
We offer a 10% discount for the second child enrolled during the same school year.
Additionally, we offer a pre-payment option at a 3% discount.   To qualify for this benefit, payment must be made before the school year (or summer session) begins.

All Day Yearly Pre-payment Weekly
5 days 8,000.00 7,760.00 200.00
4 days 6,400.00 6.400.00 160.00
3 days 4,800.00 4,656.00 120.00
Half Day Yearly Pre-payment Weekly
5 days 4,000.00 3,880.00 100.00
4 days 3,200.00 3,104.00 80.00
3 days 2,400.00 2,328.00 60.00
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